SLOVAK FILM WEEK 2021 online

The Slovak Film Week will, for the seventh time, present the domestic production from the previous year. On this occasion, you will be able to see Slovak films that received their premières in our cinemas in 2020.

After last year’s reduced format when films were screened only online, we hope that this year it will be held to the extent planned, although there will be a lower number of films in the programme than we have become accustomed to. That is because, due to the pandemic, the number of domestic premières dropped by as much as 53.49 per cent. From forty-three in 2019 to just twenty in 2020. Another twenty premières of domestic films planned for 2020 were postponed to 2021 and, due to the insufficient number of films, the national Sun in a Net Awards were not presented either. That was also one of the reasons why we have decided, for the first time, to present the Slovak Film Week Audience Award.

Thanks to those films that had attracted high attendances before the pandemic broke out – Scumbag, Far Too Personal, And a Happy New Year – the year-on-year decline in the number of viewers attending Slovak films totalled only 27.86 per cent, and as many as 775,487 viewers watched them. The full-length feature films Servants by Ivan Ostrochovský and Charlatan by Agnieszka Holland, which received their world premières at the Berlin International Film Festival. The documentaries FREM by Viera Čákanyová and Caught in the Net by Barbora Chalupová and Vít Klusák and the short animation Shi_t Happens by David Štumpf and Michaela Mihályi, were the most in demand and the most awarded films, with the last-mentioned being screened at the prestigious A-list Sundance Film Festival. In 2020, Slovak films were presented at fourteen A-list film festivals altogether.


More information on the films in the section "Filmy" in English as well.


Screening on for free:

MONDAY 29. 11.

20:20 Paradise on Earth, Jaro Vojtek /2019, 78′, Kino doma/ {English subtitles}

TUESDAY 30. 11.

20:20 Video Kings, Lukáš Bulava /2020, 82′, Kino doma/ {English subtitles}


20:20 Milan Sládek, Martin Šulík /2020, 92′, Kino doma/ {English subtitles}


20:20 The Golden Land, Dominik Jursa /2020, 64′, Kino doma/ {English subtitles}

FRIDAY 3. 12.

18:00 Salto Is the King, Pavol Barabáš /2020, 63′, Kino doma/ {English subtitles}

20:20 Tempos, Nazarij Kľujev, Roman Kelemen, Maxim Kľujev, /2020, 90′, Kino doma/ {English subtitles} /1 €/


18:00 Meky, Šimon Šafránek /2020, 80′, Kino doma/ {English subtitles}

20:20 Servants, Ivan Ostrochovský /2020, 80′, Kino doma/ {English subtitles}

SUNDAY 5. 12.

18:00 Ice-Hockey Dream, Marek Vaňous /2020, 80′, Kino doma/ {English subtitles}

20:20 Scumbag, Mariana Čengel Solčanská, Rudolf Biermann /2020, 98′, Kino doma/ {English subtitles}


Events venue:
Entry for movies: 0 €, Tempos: 1 €.



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